Starrett How To Series

Kennametal HP Beyond Drills & Taps

Check out Kennametal's new HP Beyond Drills & Taps for the highest speeds & feeds, longer tool life, & chip formation & coolant flow.

2013 Big 50 List Announcement

Shively Bros. moves up 2 spots on Industrial Distribution's Big 50 List. Shively Bros. is now at #47.

Watch this video for the complete countdown! Shively Bros. is announced at 1:08.

Superior Metalworking with Low Foaming TRIM MicroSol 585XT

Our partner, Master Chemical is dedicated to continuous improvement. Here's a demo of how they improved their TRIM® MicroSol® 585 to be low-foaming.

Notice how quickly the foam completely dissipates from the new MicroSol 585XT. It only takes seven seconds, compared to fourteen seconds for the original MicroSol 585.

Kennametal ToolBoss Demo

See a demo of the Kennametal ToolBoss Vending Solutions - available from Shively Bros.
SecoPoint Vending Demo

Check out a demo of our newest vending machine for industrial use. This our SecoPoint unit being sold by Cadillac Industrial Supply a division of Shively Bros. Very user-friendly! Find your tools quickly and easily! Track your costs and auto-replenish!

The A-D Story

This short video perfectly describes Affiliated Distributors' purpose and benefit to independent distributors.
Shively Bros. Affiliate of the Year

Watch Shively Bros. win A-D's award for the Affiliate of the Year for Performance. The awards ceremony was held at the Rio in Las Vegas Nevada.

LMT Thread Rolling Live Application

LMT Fette Thread Rolling Heads in application, Christmas Tree, Axial Head, Tangential Head, Tannenbaum, LMT USA

LMT Thread Rolling

LMT Fette Video shows Thread Rolling Animation on a CNC-Lathe (CNC-Machine). LMT USA. Axial Head, Tangential Head, Radial Head.

Norton Vortex Rapid Finish

See how the Vortex Rapid Finish discs can expand the use of a 5" right angle grinder. Copyright Saint-Gobain.

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip

See how the new Norton Blaze Rapid Strip discs extend the use of a right angle grinder. Copyright Saint-Gobain 9/15/2011.

Kennametal's Experience Zone

See Kennametal's new approach to tradeshows: Interactive technology.
Kennametal's Beyond Blast Precision Coolant Technology

See how Kennametal's Beyond Blast PCT channels the coolant THROUGH the insert.